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Sirah Nabi Muhammad Ibnu Katzir 414.pdf 2022

Jun 15, 2012 . You can read or download PDF file from this URL - Category:13th-century books Category:Islamic literaturemiR-302a-3p mediates apoptosis in human trophoblast cells by targeting PARD3. Pard3 (par-a-domains RING finger 3) is a member of RING-CH (zinc-finger with RING-CH domain) family of proteins. Overexpression of Pard3 in cancer tissues predicts poor prognosis. We previously reported that Pard3 was expressed in trophoblasts of human term placenta and essential for cell growth and apoptosis of human trophoblasts in vitro. Here, we found that Pard3 expression was decreased in human term trophoblast cells upon caspase-3 activation and enhanced upon treatment with the caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK. Moreover, Pard3 expression was decreased upon miR-302a-3p transfection in trophoblasts. Additionally, the luciferase reporter assay confirmed that miR-302a-3p could bind to the 3'-UTR of Pard3. We further found that miR-302a-3p was significantly up-regulated in the placental tissue of human preeclampsia, and inhibited the proliferation and induced the apoptosis of human trophoblasts. On the contrary, inhibition of miR-302a-3p reduced the apoptosis of trophoblast cells. Moreover, we demonstrated that Pard3 was one of the potential target genes of miR-302a-3p, and Pard3 overexpression could reverse the inhibition of miR-302a-3p-induced apoptosis in trophoblasts. In conclusion, our results show that miR-302a-3p mediates apoptosis in human trophoblast cells by targeting Pard3, suggesting that miR-302a-3p may play an important role in human trophoblast cell apoptosis during human pregnancy and placental development.California fires now surpassing 2018 total Doyle Rice | USA TODAY Show Caption Hide Caption CA wildfires are now the largest in state history The California wildfires are now the largest in the state's history. California has shattered its own state ac619d1d87

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